Jemma Dimarco

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Jemma Dimarco


Personal message:  My philosophy as a teacher is to facilitate a learning environment that is safe and inclusive so that all students are able to thrive and achieve their goals.

Areas of responsibility: Jemma’s role as a coordinator of resourcing and curriculum is to work with the staff in relation to the resourcing of the school. Jemma is also one of the Year 4 classroom teachers.

Professional experience: Jemma has been apart of the St Kevin’s community since 2017. She has undergone numerous professional development in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Jemma has been part of the Mathematics Expertise and Excellence team, focusing on providing rich tasks that all children can access and feel successful in. Jemma has also led a learning team exploring student’s attitudes towards Mathematics and building growth mindsets in students.


  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) ACU

Professional interests

  • Developing students’ ability to be resilient and successful learners.
  • Building their capacity to reach their full potential through the latest teaching pedagogies that help 21st century students to become effective and successful learners.
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