Leadership and Staff

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Mrs Frances Sullivan
Mrs Frances SullivanPrincipal
I believe that young people who are lifelong learners, confident and creative individuals and have the power to make a difference to our world.
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Miss Angela Pecnik
Miss Angela PecnikAssistant Principal
As Catholic educators, we have a responsibility to provide our students with a quality education, equipping them with the knowledge required to live purposeful and meaningful lives in the future.
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Mrs Janine O'Rourke
Mrs Janine O'RourkeYear 3 Gold Teacher and Stage 2 Coordinator
All students have an innate desire to belong and feel valued in a safe and nurturing environment, in which they can grow to fulfill their potential.
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Mrs Stephanie Lentini
Mrs Stephanie LentiniYear 5 White Teacher and Stage 3 Coordinator
As educators it is important that we develop safe and inclusive learning environments where students are able to achieve to their full potential.
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Mrs Louisa Robinson
Mrs Louisa RobinsonYear 1 White Teacher and Religious Education Coordinator
Teaching is my vocation, not just my occupation. Effective educators in a Catholic School community grow through faith, experience and professional and personal learning.
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Miss Jemma Dimarco
Miss Jemma DimarcoKindergarten Blue and Early Stage 1 Coordinator
My philosophy as a teacher is to facilitate a learning environment that is safe and inclusive so that all students are able to thrive and achieve their goals.
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Miss Laura Hay
Miss Laura HayStage 3 Teacher - 6 Blue
Mrs Janeen Towers
Mrs Janeen TowersStage 3 Teacher - 6 White
Miss Kate Nightingale
Miss Kate NightingaleStage 3 Teacher - 5 White
Miss Christine Sophios
Miss Christine SophiosStage 2 Teacher - 4 Blue
Mr Andrew Kennaugh
Mr Andrew KennaughStage 2 Teacher - 4 White
Miss Daniela Lubbe
Miss Daniela LubbeStage 2 Teacher - 3 Blue
Miss Veronica Gionta
Miss Veronica GiontaStage 2 Teacher - 3 White
Mrs Sarah Stanton
Mrs Sarah StantonStage 1 Teacher - 2 Blue
Miss Karen Anderson
Miss Karen AndersonStage 1 Teacher - 2 White
Miss Emma Barakat
Miss Emma BarakatStage 1 Teacher - 1 Blue
Mrs Therese Egan
Mrs Therese EganEarly Stage 1 Teacher - K White
Mrs Catherine Staff
Mrs Catherine StaffDiverse Learning Teacher
Mr Joel Scurr
Mr Joel ScurrPDHPE Teacher
Mr Thomas Alice
Mr Thomas AliceP.E. Teacher
Miss Susan Whitaker
Miss Susan WhitakerCreative and Practical Art Teacher
Mrs Donna Loneragan
Mrs Donna LoneraganReading Recovery
Mrs Michelle Stanger
Mrs Michelle StangerFinance and Team Leader
Mrs Christina Jenson
Mrs Christina JensonSchool Support Staff - Office
Mrs Louise Frendo
Mrs Louise FrendoSchool Support Staff - Office
Mrs Gayna White
Mrs Gayna WhiteSchool Support Staff - Office
Mrs Suzanne Lo Basso
Mrs Suzanne Lo BassoSchool Support Staff - Learning
Mrs Belinda Harrison
Mrs Belinda HarrisonSchool Support Staff - Learning
Mrs Grace Brancato
Mrs Grace BrancatoSchool Support Staff - Learning
Mrs Ursula Peters
Mrs Ursula PetersSchool Support Staff - Learning
Mr Mark Grosvenor
Mr Mark GrosvenorLibrarian
Mrs Alison Khalil
Mrs Alison KhalilFamily Educator

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