Maree Simpson
Maree Simpson Principal
Being an educational leader is the most profound expression of my faith. My role is deeply connected to my moral purpose of ensuring that all children come to know and love Jesus and have the opportunity to reach their full potential, flourish, and contribute positively to society and our world.
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Ms Stephanie Papaianni
Ms Stephanie PapaianniAssistant Principal, and Stage 1 Leader
As educators it is important that we develop safe and inclusive learning environments where students are able to achieve to their full potential.
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Mr Joseph Lentini
Mr Joseph LentiniREC and Stage 3 Leader
It is pertinent in our role as educators in Catholic education to approach student development holistically. At St Kevin’s, our vocation is to instil a life-long love of learning alongside an intimate and deep love and faith in Christ. I believe that in order to achieve this, it is essential to invest in relationships between students, parents, staff and the wider Parish community. In this way, our students are best supported in becoming inspired faith-filled citizens of the world with a loving, critical, and creative mind. Read more
Mrs Janine ORourke
Mrs Janine ORourkeMathematics Specialist and Stage 2 Leader
All students have an innate desire to belong and feel valued in a safe and nurturing environment, in which they can grow to fulfill their potential.
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Mr Andrew Perricelli
Mr Andrew PerricelliInstructional Specialist - English Kindergarten Leader
As a primary educator, I believe in order for students to grow and develop into successful, faith-filled individuals they need to be immersed in purposeful learning experiences, collaborate with their peers and challenge themselves to take risks and apply critical and creative thinking skills.Read more

Early Stage 1 Teachers

Miss Catherine Doyle
Miss Catherine DoyleKindergarten Blue
Mrs Therese Egan
Mrs Therese EganKindergarten White

Stage 1 Teachers

Mrs Emma Brassil
Mrs Emma Brassil1 Blue
Mary Jeong1 White
Miss Veronica Gionta
Miss Veronica Gionta2 Blue
Miss Karen Anderson
Miss Karen Anderson2 White

Stage 2 Teachers

Miss Suzie Whitaker
Miss Suzie Whitaker3 Blue (M, W, F)
Janine O'Rourke
Janine O'Rourke3 Blue (T,Th)
Mr Matthew Rodgers
Mr Matthew RodgersStage 2 Teacher - 3 White
Robyn Withford
Robyn Withford 4 Blue
Bernadette Habkouk
Bernadette Habkouk4 White

Stage 3 Teachers

Miss Daniela Lubbe
Miss Daniela Lubbe5 Blue
Mrs Jane Baker
Mrs Jane BakerStage 3 Teacher - 5 Gold
Rose Rizk5 White
Miss Danielle Touma
Miss Danielle Touma6 Blue
Mr Toby Pemberton
Mr Toby Pemberton6 Gold
Andrew Perricelli
Andrew Perricelli6 White (M-W)
Joseph Lentini
Joseph Lentini6 White (Th-F)

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Catherine Staff
Mrs Catherine StaffDiverse Learning Teacher (M-W)
Joseph Lentini
Joseph LentiniGifted Reference Teacher
Mrs Olivia Cullen
Mrs Olivia CullenFamily Educator
Mr Thomas Alice
Mr Thomas AlicePE Coordinator and PDHPE Teacher (M, W, F)
Miss Suzie Whitaker
Miss Suzie WhitakerCAPA Teacher
Mrs Donna Loneragan
Mrs Donna LoneraganStage 1 Literacy Support and CAPA Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Michelle Stanger
Mrs Michelle StangerLevel 6 SSO
Trudie Baiker-NolanLevel 4 SSO - Office
Miss Chiara Bishop
Miss Chiara BishopLevel 4 SSO - Office
Mrs Grace Brancato
Mrs Grace BrancatoLevel 4 SSO - Office (T-Th)
Mrs Suzanne Lo Basso
Mrs Suzanne Lo BassoLevel 4 LSO
Mr Mark Grosvenor
Mr Mark GrosvenorLibrarian